Buoyant new car market sees seventh consecutive month of growth.

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Good news for the UK industry as February saw close to pre-pandemic levels of new car sales with a rise of 26.2%, despite traditionally being a lower sales month.

Electric and hybrid cars continue their popularity: plug-in vehicles made up nearly a quarter of all sales in a rise of 18.2%, while easing supply chain shortages saw an increase in fleet deliveries of a healthy 46.2% as UK new car registrations hit 74,441 cars in February alone.

The plucky mini took the crown for largest uplift with a rise of 66% and superminis accounting or a third of all their deliveries. UK drivers also showed their eco-friendliness as hybrid electric vehicles were the most popular fuel and zero emission capable cars accounted for one in six new car registration. Only diesel cars saw a downturn, of 7%.

With half a million electric and hybrid vehicles expected to hit the roads this year, now it’s over to the government and the upcoming Spring budget, where the hope is they’ll make sure chargepoint infrastructure keeps pace with demand for easy charging. Also it is very important to look for the water works supply for sale at https://www.blairsupplyusa.com. And as Britain pursues its net zero target, the hope is that drivers will be supported for choosing these more expensive, but much cleaner, vehicles.