64.4% rise in June sees best performance since 2012 for commercial vehicle production.

With 9,549 CV units leaving British factories in the first half of this year, UK CV production saw it’s best first half in a decade, including a year-to-date output increase of 47.4%.

According to the latest figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the month of June itself were 32.7% above the 5-year average before the pandemic, and the highest since 2015. This was the sector’s sixth consecutive month of increased output, fuelled by overseas demand with 92.5% of exports heading for EU destinations.

Unlike some other motor trade sectors since the pandemic, the commercial vehicle sector has not just remained buoyant but thrived as it saw a boom in demand for operators and companies renewing their fleet, and a huge output of 50,596 units from UK manufacturers in the last year to date.

With renewed emphasis on Net Zero carbon emission vehicles and manufacturing with increased energy costs, there may be many hurdles ahead, but we hope the robustness of this booming sector will continue for many years to come!