Introducing our new Electronic Key Tracker Systems!

electronic key tracking key tracker

Safe and secure new electronic key tracking systems for your company.

Here at Tagster Towers we’re very excited to announce our new car key tag system in partnership with Key Tracker, bringing you the latest in security software and versatile key tracking equipment, and work with all our motor trade key tags.

Our new electronic key access systems enhance security for large quantities of keys, combining high quality hardware alongside easy to use admin software.

Giving you the ability to physically restrict access via the Electronic System, Key Systems help you manage and track your keys and assets with complete audit trails, instant reports or alerts, and all with 24 hour support. You can restrict access to certain keys through our unique Key Access System, which physically restricts access to your chosen keys, locking the board until an approved user enters their credentials. Unrestricted systems are also available, and can be built to your own company’s specification if required.

Our Electronic Key Tracking Systems are now live on our site, so why not take a look? And as always, our friendly Tagster team are happy to answer any questions you have about these and any of our products. Drop us a line today!