Karanvir Bohra Makes His Digital Debut in ‘The Casino’

Producers in the TV and film industry are now striving to exploit the boundless possibilities offered by digital media to expand their reach to a broader audience. Hence, it is not surprising that the upcoming web series “The Casino” featuring Karanvir Bohra is being produced.

The television series titled “The Casino” is set to make its debut on the streaming platform ZEE5.

Bohra will play the protagonist Vicky in the upcoming TV series, who is the inheritor of his father’s very lucrative casino empire. Despite his privileged background, Vicky displays humility and affection as a young man, and must step up to meet the challenges that arise in his life. Production for indibet the show commenced in January 2020, with filming occurring in both Mumbai and Nepal. The premiere of the show is scheduled for early June on the web channel ZEE5. Bohra has previously collaborated with the Zee network in the well-known TV series Qubool Hai, and he has also acted as the host for the network’s reality TV show India’s Best Judwaah.

However, “The Casino” will be his first appearance on the internet, and he has characterized the show as “distinctive”. The series is titled with its slogan, “My Game My Rules”, and is characterized as an action thriller. The plot is speculated to predominantly revolve around the casino theme, which is a shrewd decision considering the growing popularity of online casinos among Indian gamers. Nowadays, websites such as Asiabet are designed exclusively for Asian players, offering a selection of customized online games and traditional casino titles. This demonstrates the nation’s strong interest in this contemporary business.

The 37-year-old actor has conveyed his excitement regarding the show’s intention to delve into the underrepresented casino milieu, with a particular emphasis on the allure and mystique of the gambling realm. The plot is expected to feature multiple unexpected turns, and Bohra will portray a character that is intricate and subtle, possessing his own dark inclinations and personal struggles to confront.

Bohra is enthusiastic about working with the new media.

The narrative will center on Vicky’s endeavors to establish himself as a deserving successor to his father’s lucrative gambling enterprise, all the while grappling with his own hesitancy to assume his position within the upper echelons of society. Sudhanshu Pandey has been selected to portray the Winbuzz online character of his wealthy father, who remains skeptical of his son’s ability to assume leadership of the family enterprise. Mandana Karimi will portray a captivating figure that possesses her own hidden motives, as she skillfully maneuvers her way through the series.