Access Pegs – Type 2 (bobbled)

£29.95 excl. VAT


Access pegs are issued to members of staff to release keys from the tracker board.

Type 2 bobbled access pegs can be numbered or initialed (max 3 digits) to suit individual key tracking systems.

Keys are held on retention pegs, secured onto the tracker board. To release the retention peg, insert the access peg into the port hole on the right hand side and turn anti clockwise. The access peg will then be locked onto the tracker board and cannot be removed until the retention peg is returned and locked back in place.

Available in 16 colours
£29.95 per pack of 10

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White, Red, Orange, Light Green, Light Blue, Mint Green, Dark Blue, Teal, Yellow, Pink, Black, Green, Lilac, Silver, Brown, Purple