E30 eTrack Mini Electronic Key Cabinet


Introducing the e-Track Mini Key Cabinet, a tailored entry-level solution designed for smaller teams seeking enhanced key compliance and accountability. The sleek design is particularly well-suited for clinical or limited wall space settings, providing a practical solution without compromising functionality. The Mini Key Cabinet is available in three sizes, accommodating key sets of  20 and 30, catering to various operational needs.

These intelligent electronic key cabinets feature the same level of comprehensive cloud-hosted web control, aligning with the functionality of larger ranges. The e-Fob layout is optimised for small to large bunches of keys maintaining efficiency found in larger tracking systems. The internal depth of 60mm ensures ample space from the face panel to the inside of the closed door.


The e-Track e30 Mini Electronic Key Cabinet is ideal for businesses with a smaller number of keys. This plug-and-play electronic key system is effortless to install, offering secure key control and enhancing operational efficiency for businesses. The e30 mini can hold up to 30 keys and features a 5″ screen with keypad, RFiD fobs and can also include card or fingerprint access.

  • Wall mounted
  • Easy to install
  • Battery back up
  • Easy maintenance and service
  • Ethernet, Wifi or 4g communication
  • Multi colour LEDs
  • PIN, RFiD or Bimoetric system access
  • Create a network of linked cabinets
  • magnetic locks with sensory state detection
  • Export analytics into PDF or CVS
  • Mobile compatible – pre book keys from any location
  • RFiD efobs

Model: E30 MINI

External (HxWxD): 660 x 430 x 125

Weight: 41kg

Key positions: 10-30

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