Retention Pegs

£29.95 excl. VAT


Retention Pegs are the pegs that secure the key/key bunch to the Mechanical Peg-In/Peg-Out Key Tracker Board.

These pegs are to be used in Key Tracking Systems in conjunction with an Anti-tamper Seals to securely lock the keys together with the peg. The smooth ended peg is locked into the left hand porthole and engraved with the corresponding porthole numbered position e.g. number 32, however we can engrave the end with any combination either alpha or numeric (maximum 3 digits) these can then match the port hole stickers in your chosen format e.g. A1, 31b, NNE, gg3 etc.

Available in 9 colours

£29.95 per pack of 10

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White, Mint Green, Orange, Light Blue, Black, Dark Blue, Yellow, Red, Green

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