Twisty Security Key Ring

£2.75 excl. VAT


Strong, flexible, corrosion-resistant aircraft cable key ring. Unique patented hoop locking mechanism assures keys stay secure. The ability to be ‘crimped’ shut means it has many security applications to see if something has been tampered with because it would have to be cut off.

Rings twist into a figure 8 to undo and do up.

These applications could include key security, document binding, canister / barrel cap securing or any application where unauthorised tampering is an issue.

Ring hoops can be used and re-used when not crimped simply as an efficient and durable means of attaching products or documents together.

Nylon coated cable. Standard Length is 125mm (5″) when undone. Measures approximately 40mm (1.5″) across when done up.

£2.75 each

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