Still a buoyant market for nearly-new cars!

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This summer car industry magazine Auto Trader released their top 10 list of the fastest selling used cars over the last year. And all but 1 were nearly-new vehicles, as buyers seemed keen to beat the waiting lists for new cars by choosing models under 12 months old.

When the average car takes 34 days to sell on their platform, BMW, Lexus and Kia models were taking just 2 weeks, with the BMW X1 topping the list at just 11 days. Other popular makes include the Lexus NX350h at 12 days, the Kia Ceed at 13 days, the Honda Civic also at 13 days and the Ford Galaxy at 14 days.

Hybrid models made up the majority of the fastest sellers, with many customers still wary of fully electric models. But with new cars still in short supply and people keen to upgrade their vehicles while keeping to more recent technology, the trend looks set to continue this year!