Why buy from us?

A Helping Hand to the Motor Trade since 2005

Why buy from us, and choose TAGSTER as your one-stop shop for Motor Trade essentials? With our high-quality key tags, key tracking systems, forecourt display products and other motor trade accessories, TAGSTER stocks everything you need to help promote your business while securely managing your keys.

Tagster is a customer service focused company. And while we’re known primarily for our key tags, key cabinets & key tracking,  we’ve recently expanded our forecourt display product section to include an expanded range of flags.

So choose Tagster for all your motor trade needs. We’ve been managing keys and promoting sales since 2005.

Please feel free to call in on 020 8749 2759 or email sales@tagster.co.uk.

What is a key tag system?

A key tag system is used for safely tracking, organising and visually monitoring your keys. At Tagster, we have recently introduced our brand-new e-Track electronic key tracking systems. They are our most secure, comprehensive key access and monitoring system. This new system comes in a range of different sizes to accommodate different businesses. All of them give you 24/7 access to the keys, control access to authorised users only, captures a full review of all users and key transactions, and easy access via card reader or fingerprint reader.

What are key tags used for? 

The use of a key tag is to help you keep track of whose key belongs to who. It helps you to remain organised and put a system in place to make sure that you are keeping yours and your clients’/customers’’ keys safe and in good hands. Normally key tags have space to write the information of their owners, including name and contact information. At Tagster, our best-selling key tags in plain & vehicle printed tail, ring or service tags. They are available in boxes of 200 or packs of 70. Our strong and durable key tags also come in a range of colours, for the auto industry and more.

What is the purpose of keyrings? 

Keyrings can be used with the intention of business promotion. Practically, they also keep your set of keys together and secure, and keep certain keys identifiable. At Tagster, we sell promotional key rings that are customisable and bespoke. They are simple and high-quality keyrings that suit every business, including yours. We also have security keyrings, like threaded binder and jailer security hoops and rings, which covers the practicality side of things.